One-Click Install for WordPress on Siteground

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Last updated on September 14th, 2017 at 10:49 pm

wordpress one click install

If you still need help deciding if Siteground is the best hosting service for you, read this post. If you haven’t signed up for hosting service with Siteground yet, you can do so here. Once you have your Siteground account created, Alt + Tab your way back here to learn how to install WordPress using Siteground’s WordPress one click install method.

Login to Siteground and enter cPanel

After logging into your Siteground account, click the tab above that says “My Accounts”. Next, click the red button that says “Go to cPanel”.

cPanel is short for Control Panel and it’s where you can do virtually anything related to your website from creating email accounts, to forwarding your domains or creating subdomains. You’ll see all the options you can do in your Siteground cPanel organized by categories and icons.

WordPress One Click Install with Softaculous

Under the category “Autoinstallers”, click on “Softaculous”. It should be the first icon.

wordpress one click install

On the next page, which should look like the one below, find and select WordPress. It should be listed in the main area if you scroll down a bit. If not, just click “Blogs” on the left sidebar and then you’ll be able to see WordPress as one of the selections.

Click Install. The following information will then populate and need to be filled in.

wordpress one click install

Under software setup

  • Select “https://” as your protocol
  • If you have one domain, it should already be selected in the dropdown

Under site settings, fill out the

  • Site name
  • Site description
  • Leave “enable multisite” unchecked

Under admin account, choose an

  • admin username
  • admin password
  • email address

These will be the logins you will use to access the backend of WordPress.

Select your language of choice. And leave everything else as is. Now you can click Install.

Logging into WordPress

After you’ve installed WordPress, you’re ready to log in and start working from the backend, which might look familiar to you if you ever had an account on Navigate to www.yourwebsitename/wp-admin. You should arrive at the login page prompting you to enter a username and password. Enter in the admin username and admin password you created during the install. That’s it!

If installing WordPress still sounds daunting to you, go ahead and sign up for hosting through our link below. Then, contact us and we’ll install WordPress on it for FREE. We’ll also install and set up Yoast SEO plugin so your SEO journey is ready to go as soon as you type up your first post.



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