How To Determine Who to Hire As Your Next E-Commerce Developer

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what makes a good web developer

The internet has taken over: online directories have taken over manual directories, online shops are gradually taking over physical shops and everything is moving to a space on the internet. Human beings have always been followers of trends and, as such, the competition over viewers on the internet has also increased. Because internet space is technically unlimited, one could easily become irrelevant if one is not able to successfully capture his or her potential customers with the content on one’s website hence the need to thoroughly assess who you hire to be your ecommerce website designer. You could compare it to being as important as the need to thoroughly assess the interior designer building and designing your brick-and-mortar shop. This article will take you through what makes a good web developer

What Makes a Good Web Developer?

The person needs to possess certain professional as well as personal characteristics if he or she is to give you the best services. Below are some qualities to look out for when you want to hire a web developer. Please note that it may be rare if not totally impossible to get an individual who will have all these attribute but that doesn’t change the fact that a good web developer MUST have at least sixty percent of these qualities. These qualities will help you with how to determine who to hire to be your next web developer:

Knowledge of web designing:

E-commerce development is not something you hire to someone to begin on-the-job training for unless of course that is what you intend on doing. Every web designer must have substantial knowledge of web designing as ecommerce development. This quality is nonnegotiable. You’ll want to ask for the designer’s portfolio, or examples of websites he has developed in the past, and assess their qualities like speed, navigation, content and text and so on. A good website developer must possess knowledge of the standards of web designing, the ethics of the internet and other relevant information.

Certified web developer:

The individual must not only have substantial knowledge of web development, he or she should be a certified web developer as this will give you a sense of trust in his abilities and belief in the tasks he will do for you. It does not necessarily have to be a college degree, but a professional certification is necessary. Hiring a web developer without any form of certification is as stupid as hiring a chartered accountant without a professional certification in accounting. Errors and mistakes can cost you heftily in either scenario.


A good web developer must be creative. He must be able to blend into trends and bring out the best from those trends without losing touch of his focus. A good web developer should be able to generate new content as well as make the best use of old content by making one or two chips and additions here and there.

Proper programming language:

A good web developer should know the proper programming language to use for any website. He should be able to know when to use HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, Ruby, Python and JavaScript as the case may be. Each of these programming languages have their benefits as well as limitations.

Optimized load time:

A good website developer should be able to optimize the time your website page takes to load as it makes your website SEO friendly and will boost the traffic your website will get. Search engines such as Google take this into account when determining who to rank in their results. Imagine if any of the links you clicked on the first page of your Google search results always took you to an error or slow-loading website. You probably wouldn’t find Google to be a reliable source for search anymore and use a different engine instead.

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We hope this list gives you a better idea of what to look for when searching for your next web developer. It doesn’t have to be a stressful or extremely particular search but you can be sure that if the prospect has these qualities, you’ve set the foundation and should move forward in discussing your project.

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