7 Reasons Why Social Media is Good For Your Business

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social media for business

Social media is not a platform to regurgitate your products and sales pitches over and over again. If you know how to use it strategically to connect with your potential clients and share value with others, you’ll quickly reap the benefits of having an online presence. Here are 7 reasons why social media for business is a win:

  1.  – It allows you to reach customers who you would not otherwise be able to contact.  For instance, lots of my clients are spread across the US and parts of Europe. There is little chance that I would have ever phoned them, handed them a leaflet or otherwise spoken to them about my business if not for social media.  Using the internet to build relationships with your customers allows you to access a significantly wider audience and if your products and services are not location specific, to sell to them as well.
  2.  – It is free. And who doesn’t like free? I know that there is a cost attached to the time that you invest in your social media but on the whole, you don’t have to pay in order to have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn account, or all of the above. Yes, if you decide that you want to pay for advertising on any of these platforms, there is a small cost involved but this is your choice. Creating an account and the use of the platforms are free.  There are very few other ways that you can get your business message out there without paying anything.
  3.  – It allows networks to be built and decisions to be made quickly.  Where else can you meet someone, read all of their blog posts and download their free gifts and decide in a very short space of time that you want to do business with them?  It is very easy to build relationships quickly online. You can feel that you know someone well when you have only just met them as you are able to read all of their content, including personal content, that they share.
  4.  – You can be really flexible with how you use it. If something isn’t working, then try something different. If you decide that your ideal client isn’t on Pinterest, then go somewhere else instead. You are not tied into any long-term contract… just do what works for you. If you had booked a series of adverts in a magazine or newspaper to promote your business, you would not have the same degree of flexibility.
  5.  – It gives you a platform to sell your products. Links back to your website and sales pages are the perfect content to share on social media and it will really help your SEO to have lots of clicks on your site. Having an amazing website with great products and services is one thing, but you need people to see that website and social media is a great platform to be able to do this. Social media can easily be your #1 source for referral traffic to your website.
  6.  – It increases your brand awareness. If your ideal customer is regularly seeing your name and website and reading about you, then you will be in the front of their mind.  This means that they are more likely to buy from you.  Where else can you get your business in front of tens of thousands of people every day?
  7.  – It is easy to target who you are engaging with. Think of a highway billboard. That’s not exactly a targeted advertising approach unless you are targeting every single person who uses that highway to get from point A to point B. You don’t have to go for the scattergun approach. With social media, you can be really specific about who you want to follow, who you want to get in front of and build relationships with.

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We hope we’ve convinced you that using social media for business is a beneficial marketing strategy. As you can see, there are plenty of benefits compared to traditional advertising and, with as little as 10 minutes per day, you can have an online presence for your business that could put you at the forefront of a targeted and interested audience.


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