Socialbakers Engage 2018

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Last updated on September 25th, 2018 at 01:30 pm

We absolutely cannot wait for the biggest social media event in the world happening in Prague next month: Engage 2018 organized by none other than Socialbakers.

If you’ve never heard of Socialbakers, they are the industry leader in social media marketing solutions using AI technologies. And for the past six years, they’ve been gathering some of the most experienced and successful minds in social media to come together under one roof to deliver us valuable information on the hottest topics, updates on the latest trends, and insight on the best practices in all areas of digital marketing.

Engage Prague 2018 is looking like it’s going to be the best one yet with some of the top names from international brands as keynote speakers.

Don’t take our word for it; check out their line up HERE.

May 16 – 18

In the charming capital city of Prague, CZ at the Forum Karlin.

For Who?
Engage Prague is for social media marketers, social media advertisers, online marketers, video and content creators, content and community managers and anyone who is leveraging the power of social media to further their business.

It will be an education-filled week that includes full-day workshops on how to use analytics and strategy to get the most ROI and ROAS from your social content, advertising, and online marketing.

A social media event and it’s going to be FUN.

The event is going to be held in the historical center just walking distance to countless museums, landmarks, restaurants, pubs and parks where you can explore or relax after the long, intense days.

If you’re looking to boost your skill set, stay on top of your competitors and mingle through endless networking opportunities, you’re going to want to attend this value-packed event.

You can purchase your tickets from but hurry because they are selling like hot cakes.



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  1. I’ve never heard of the Social Media Socialbakers before. Sounds like the most inmportant conference to be at. I’m going to read more about it. Thank you for sharing

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