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Last updated on September 14th, 2017 at 10:34 pm


What company do you recommend for hosting? The question gets tossed around a lot in the world of web dev and web DIYers. For me, the answer is Siteground hosting and here’s why.

Customer Support

First on the list is customer support. There are hundreds of the same services out there that get the job done but the one huge differentiator among them is the support we receive. And let’s face it: things break, things don’t often work the way they should, or the way we thought we set them up, and we’re not all IT nerds out there. We have no idea why something is happening. Non-techies don’t want to sift through IT jargon and google terms all afternoon to figure out what is going on with their website (MySQL database? SFTP Access? What?).

We just want it to work.


Siteground customer support to the rescue. Customer service for calls, on-site chat, and ticketing is open 24/7 with almost instant reply time. You’ll initiate a chat and the little box will tell you their reps are handling 64 other requests. Before you finish the thought that you might as well go reheat your coffee, you get a little notification from an agent greeting you. And you think, “huh, that was pretty quick.” And they are awesome—seriously. I’ve never dealt with a happier and enthusiastic bunch of customer support reps. But the part I love most is that they take care of your problem for you. They don’t sit there and tell you what you have to do to fix something; they go in and do it for you. And then come back to tell you everything’s ok. That type of service suits me perfectly.

Super Fast Siteground Hosting

You need to care about this because super fast hosting means super fast loading times for your website. And faster loading time for your website is important for a bunch of things, including visitor experience and ranking higher on Google. Yes, website load times are a driving factor for the notorious SEO that we continuously work our butts off to achieve. Running a large website such as an e-commerce store with a huge selection of products can bring in a lot of traffic and requires high input and output requests. Your current host better be able to handle it. If they don’t, know that Siteground implements the latest speed technologies and here are some of my favorites:

  • SSD Drives are a standard on all accounts
  • Cloudflare CDN is a free feature they have that makes your website load faster from any part of the world. They do this by caching your content and distributing it to their servers around the world so it is delivered to your visitor from their closest server (requires activation).
  • There’s a thing called SuperCacher by Siteground which increases the number of hits your site can handle and boosts your website loading speed. They do this through a number of options depending on what kind of website you have.

Support for Everything WordPress

You either like WordPress, or you don’t. But if your website is one of the 25% of the internet built using WordPress, you’ll be thrilled to know that Siteground specializes in and has amazing support and resources for everything WordPress. With just the initial download, installation and setup, which can seem daunting to any new user, Siteground offers 3 ways to get it done. My favorite is the manual setup done by their customer support team… for FREE. But there’s also a 1-click install option which is almost as easy.

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Additionally, you can find a gallery of free WordPress themes, a list of recommended free and premium plugins, automatic updates to the latest version of WP, a library/video library that includes step-by-step tutorials on beginner and advanced topics about the functionalities of the WP dashboard, and a slew of articles and how-to tips in their FAQ section. This is all free support so you can have a cool looking website that runs on up to date technology without the need for an expensive web developer.

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When trying to find the right host for your website or e-commerce, the reasons I listed are the ones I feel have the best long-term benefits that customers look for, but they aren’t the only ones. Not by a long shot. If you’re still not a convert, there are plenty of other reasons I could think of to switch to Siteground hosting that has yet more money and time-saving features for the customer:

  • Student and teacher discounts
  • Free website migration
  • Email transfer
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Regular backups of your website
  • Friendly user interface through cPanel

You’re probably just writing awesome things about Siteground because you’re an affiliate…

Well, yes and no. I hear a lot of people say they’re wary of people who recommend Siteground becasiteground hostinguse they’re usually affiliates. But if it was only the compensation that was driving me to write this blog post, I would’ve raved about Bluehost instead since they pay a higher commission. I only spend time reviewing products and services I’ve tried and love. It’s so much easier to do when it’s genuine. I’ve been hosting my website with Siteground for almost two years now. In this year, my own website has experienced zero downtime. And I’ve had great experiences with their customer support team that resulted in getting myself un-stuck from sticky situations quickly. As always, they would go in and do the dirty work themselves as opposed to trying to explain to me how to do it or giving me excuses to keep me placid (it has happened before).

Siteground Reviews

But don’t take my word for it – you can find tons of customer reviews on the internet. You’ll find most people praising the helpful and effective customer support team and the reliable hosting with virtually no downtime.

So my recommendation is, if you’re looking for a new host or getting started with one, go with Siteground hosting. Not only will you get 50% off the StartUp plan if you use any link in this post, but you’ll buy yourself invaluable peace of mind.

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  1. This is very informative. I am currently hosted with bluehost and I am certainly not happy with a few things. I would like to switch if things continue the way they are

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