SiteGround Hosting’s New Backup Features

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siteground hosting backup

You know what the one critical feature of any website is? Having a backup. Hosting backup is like insurance for your website. User errors, hacks, deleted files, or website updates gone wrong can all be instantly solved with a backup restore.

While SiteGround includes free automatic daily system backups on all of their hosting plans, a new update on SiteGround’s Backup System now lets all of their shared hosting clients create and restore backups all by themselves, quickly and painlessly using their 1-click backup restore tool.

Quick and painless backups? Yes, please.

Having a reliable hosting backup strategy is one way to have peace of mind that your website, your home on the internet, is safe and secure should anything go wrong. But it’s definitely critical for bigger online projects and online businesses. That’s why SiteGround included their new backup features for FREE on their GoGeek Plan, which is the plan they recommend for resource-intensive websites. Now you can:

  • View and manage backups easily with a simple 1-click Backup Tool
  • Create and restore website backups quickly and easily with one click
  • Avoid data loss due to website mistakes
  • Experiment with website updates that you can quickly undo

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If you haven’t switched over to SiteGround hosting yet, you’re missing out on some great benefits, easy-to-use features, not to mention top of the line customer service. Give them a try–  with a 30-day money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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