Your landing page needs these 5 things

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Last updated on November 8th, 2017 at 05:43 pm

A landing page is the most important page of your website whether you’re holding a paid campaign or driving in organic traffic. What is a landing page? A landing page is the first page a visitor “lands” on when visiting your site and which should be designed to convert visitors to leads (contacts) or clients. We’ll go over crucial landing page elements you should be focused on in your design. The goal of every landing page should be to:

  • Capture user info using a contact form
  • Sell something directly from your website

Your landing page should definitely be designed with your objective in mind because a page with the objective of “Lead Generation” would require a different design than a page with the objective of “Conversions”. It may seem easy to create a landing page, but there are plenty of things to keep in mind when designing one. Today I will introduce you to the theory behind landing pages!

Landing Pages for Lead Generation

A lead generation page is the most common landing page, also called “Squeeze Page”. Lead generation is an important web marketing activity that transforms visitors of a website into contacts. This way, you can establish the beginning of a relationship with them that should subsequently lead to a sale.

Every element in a lead generation page is designed to entice the user to leave his or her contact data by filling out a form. An example of a great landing page is the one of Wistia.

landing page elements

The best landing pages for lead generation obviously must have a clearly visible contact form. It also needs to be simple and easy to fill out for visitors so they don’t feel overwhelmed and click away. In fact, I would add one of those “Create Account with Facebook” buttons, to simplify the sign-up process. How many times have you signed up for an account using that button because it was just so much easier than filling out the form?

Landing Pages for Conversions

A landing page with an objective to convert doesn’t necessarily mean that visitors have to buy something from your site. It could also mean providing the visitor with a call to action and having them simply click the button. A great example of a conversion landing page that doesn’t induce the website visitor to make a purchase is that of Khan Academy.

landing page elements

As you can see in this example, there is no contact form to fill in – the action required is to just click the button to start learning. Conversion in this case thus simply means to reach the objective you want. The “conversion” is the first thing you see on the page – it is the element that attracts all attention, thus making it easy to convert. Notice how the button that reads, “Learners, start here” is a different shade than the others.

Landing Page Elements for Success

After you’ve decided what landing page objective works best for you, it is time to start creating one. You might be able to do this yourself or at least come up with the concept, but you may need the help of a UX designer and a developer.

While every landing page may be different in terms of colors, layouts, and arrangements of the various elements,  for almost every landing page, there are some crucial parts. Keep these in mind while coming up with your design!


An eye-catching title can make the difference between a page that converts and a page that has little results. The title is often the first thing that catches the readers’ attention on a page. Just like with newspapers, blog posts, and advertisements: if the title is catchy, you’ll keep the reader interested in what else you have to say and offer.


The page’s text should be as convincing as your title: let people know your unique selling points, your discounts, and benefits. You might need a bit of marketing strategy here to entice your visitors to stick around. And if you need a little help, there are professional website copywriters available.

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The presence of a visual element, such as a photo or video, is definitely recommended on your landing page. Our brain processes images much faster than textual content and a beautiful relevant image might be just what your visitor needs to hold their attention.


A call-to-action can’t be left out because it’s one of your objectives! You have a visitor on your website and now you need them to do something – either sign up for your mailing list, make a purchase, or something else. Think about the buttons you’ve seen around that say: “Start earning money now!” and “Sign up for our free program today!” It is essential to prompt users to spring into action in order to reach your objectives.

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If your objective is to generate leads, you definitely want to have your form stand out. If you’re on WordPress, you’ll find several plugins that allow you to build your own customized forms. I advise you to limit the amount of fields that need to be filled out by only requiring those strictly needed for the target. As mentioned before, you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors and have them click away. Remember that even if you only ask for their email address, you can always ask for additional information once you’ve gained the first method of contact!

Once you’ve captured your visitor’s contact information, the next step is to sign up for an email marketing service if you don’t already have one so you can start sending out your promotional offers and marketing materials. Our favorite tool to use for this is ConvertKit. If you already have ConvertKit, you can actually create customizeable opt-in forms that you can embed on your website instead of using a WordPress plugin.

ConvertKit essentially automates the entire process of follow up communication with your visitors by sending out well-timed and targeted email sequences and workflows that you create. You’ll also have access to valuable analytics and reports that track your conversion rates and organize your subscribers.

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