Top 5 Ways To ROCK Your Instagram

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Last updated on September 14th, 2017 at 10:43 pm

instagram tips for brandsBuilding an Instagram strategy and follower base isn’t as easy as it used to be. Whether you are just starting to venture into Instagram or have been attempting to build there for awhile, we’ve put together 5 top Instagram tips for brands to help you rock your account.

1. Keep it Simple

If you chose a complicated username (or “handle”) then it’s difficult for anyone to find you when they search. Even if it’s a clever name or play on words related to your business, if it’s not easily searchable or easy to mentally connect with your business niche, then it may as well not exist. Along that same regard, your profile picture should either be your logo or a simple and recognizable headshot. Again, you want your fans to be able to see it and know right away exactly who you are and what you stand for so they can automatically hit that follow button. Fill out your bio so that when people land on your profile, they know immediately who you are and what they could expect from your profile. Don’t forget to add a link where you want to lead people back to. You’re only allowed one link so make good use of it.

2. Commit to a Consistent Theme

The current best time to post onto Instagram is 5 pm wherever the majority of your target market are located. Commit to 1-3 posts per day (not more). You can use scheduling tools like Buffer, Coschedule or Latergram to help batch create posts and ensure they are posted at the best time for your audience. This may seem like a simple tip but it’s often overlooked. Then you wonder why your 12:00 pm EST post isn’t getting much traction, meanwhile, your entire target market are on Pacific time and that’s right when the workday starts for most of them so they aren’t even thinking about checking their Instagram at that time.

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3. Create an Aesthetic Feed

This is perhaps the most overlooked strategy for Instagram because it requires a little more effort and planning. Commit to using images that include colors, themes, and fonts from your brand at all times. If you are going to use fonts, stick with the same fonts from your brand in all images. Create an aesthetic for your profile’s feed and stick to it! Your feed’s images should look consistent and of high quality so when someone from your target market lands on your profile, they see a beautiful consistent flux of images that they love. Then inevitably follow you because they want to see more. It’s also helpful to create themed days for yourself and your audience. This helps with managing your images but also creates a consistent aesthetic for your feed.

Here are a couple profiles with great aesthetics…

instagram tips for brands


instagram tips for brands

See more examples of aesthetic feeds IN THIS POST and learn how you can create your own.

4. Genuinely Be YOU & Interact

Research the best hashtags your target market are using related to your business and use hashtags in your posts. You can also add a comment for more! Then let those hashtags bring you to other profiles using those hashtags and interact with those profiles posts. Engagement is what drives this platform. Genuinely comment and chat with them. Use emojis for extra attention and avoid simple comments such as “Nice!” or “great image!” as those aren’t genuine and frankly, make you look like a comment bot.

Want to learn more about hashtag strategy? We recommend the course Hashtag Hero.

5. Tag & Interact With Power Profiles

By tagging profiles with large followers or influencer’s usernames in the caption of your posts, it alerts their followers that they’ve been tagged and shows up in more user’s feeds. Anyone searching for their names or hashtags will find your post and it’s an organic way to reach more potential followers. Commenting on influencers posts who already have a wide reach within your target market will show up to new commenters and likely bring interest to you if you’ve commented something genuine and have a great username and profile picture. You can also explore doing partnerships with influencers to run giveaways, share images between each other, regram and tag them in related posts regularly, get featured by other large profiles, etc.

All of these strategies are pretty much free to implement but are often overlooked. They can be a powerhouse in terms of extending your reach on Instagram once they’ve been implemented correctly.

Instagram Tips For Brands

Interested in really rocking your Instagram? Infamous To Influential has the strategies that will turn you Instafamous.

instagram course


Comment below your Instagram handle and what’s been working well or what you’d like to implement from this post!


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