Instagram Stories Examples and Inspiration

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Last updated on September 14th, 2017 at 10:46 pm

Last week we focused on how to grow your Instagram account with engaged followers organically. In the comments of the post, you guys asked some great questions. The question I loved most was: “How do I tell stories through Instagram?”. Using Instagram can be easy, but being a storyteller can get a little complicated. Let us give you some tips and samples to get inspired and bring you a better relationship with your followers.

1.     Using Instagram Stories

In our last post, we already talked about using Instagram Stories. With Stories, you can share pictures and videos with your audience on the spot. This is the first option to go for should you want to start storytelling through Instagram. And if you’re looking to grow your account, you want to start story telling.

Using Instagram Stories is ideal for brands as it allows you to tell stories in real-time, without having to create a separate audience like on Snapchat. The Instagram Stories interface is more user-friendly than that of Snapchat so if you’re looking to save precious time, we suggest leaving Snapchat and going all-in on Instagram Stories. But keep in mind: your target market may not have completely shifted to Instagram. Zone in on the platforms where your target market hangs out and pick what fits best with your brand.

Instagram Stories Features:

  • upload/take videos record videos hands-free
  • stream live video
  • tag product names
  • tag locations
  • tag people
  • use Boomerang
  • add a handwritten note
  • add filters, and
  • add stickers (such as locations, temperature, or some clipart image)

Instagram Stories Examples and Inspiration:

Gary Vaynerchuck. Check out his stories. Right now. He is just rocking it. You can only understand why he is rocking Instagram Stories once you start following him. He always, every single day, incorporates stories on his profile to generate leads for his business in a way I cannot express in words.

Ask your Questions … #entrepreneur talk … #QandA #community #thankyou

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2.     Capture a Journey with Instagram Stories

How do you keep your followers interested when they are watching your stories? This is a loaded question that everyone is looking for the answer to. Let me tell you what doesn’t work: uploading one picture of the Empire State Building. That is not a story, nor a journey. That is a picture.

So what is a story? How do I engage followers?

I’ll give you two Instagram stories examples. You are on your way to visit the Empire State Building and decide to capture a small video of your transit in the Subway. You could write, “Omw to Empire State Building in NYC, but first going to do something super exciting…”. Building suspense in such a way piques the curiosity of your viewers. What are you going to do that’s so exciting? The next picture could be of you doing whatever is exciting. It could be something delicious like drinking lava cake milkshake in NYC, or having the biggest burger in the country. Whatever it is, you just successfully kept your audience engaged long enough to follow you on your journey to what would’ve been just another picture of the Empire State Building.

Another prime example is showing a picture of gifts underneath a Christmas tree and writing something like “OMG, what could be in the big gift right there?!”. The next “story” could be of you unwrapping the gift, and the third one could be a picture of what the gift was. Capturing a story doesn’t have to be too complicated.

3.     Create a Short Video or Boomerang on Instagram

Video is the best form of content out there right now. But there is one constraint when it comes to Instagram: you only have 60 seconds to tell your story. But you can turn this into something great like Nike does.

With this short video, Nike takes you through the process of running a marathon within 2 hours. This seems to be impossible, but with Nike you “Just Do It”.

Life is a story and viewers don’t want to see one dimension. You want your interest to be piqued. You want to see:

  • An introduction – breaking the 2-hour marathon barrier is impossible.
  • Body – show how they are training to break the 2-hour marathon barrier.
  • Conclusion – “Just Do It”.

Nike was able to keep us engaged for 60 seconds because they introduced something that was impossible, then showed us how they’d try to reach their goal.

You can do the same for your business because you don’t need expensive camera equipment or special effects to tell a good story. All you need is yourself and maybe your environment around you to show a little visual. Do you sell virtual assistance services? Tell your story through:

  • An introduction – we all want to make $10,000 a month, but it seems impossible with all the tasks we have to do.
  • Body – show how you’ve helped clients get organized by using video.
  • Conclusion – hire a virtual assistant, you will save loads of time which you can then invest in more important and profitable tasks.

4.     Tell A Visual Story With Your Instagram Profile

Another way to tell a story is to publish multiple posts on your account to create a bigger image. This might take a bit more work but it’s one of the most creative ways to make your profile stand out. Even better is to add posts in the form of video content like Candice Pool Neistat did when she took the website for her brand Billy live.

instagram stories examples

I hope you got some Instagram stories examples and inspiration from this post to get your followers interested enough to follow you along on your journey. Do you have any specific strategies to tell stories on Instagram?

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