The Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools

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Last updated on September 15th, 2017 at 01:36 pm

Instagram: Who doesn’t love it? It is the hottest platform out there for marketers wanting to grow their brands. Unfortunately, the downside to Instagram is that they don’t provide in-depth data about your account and post performance. Luckily, there are some great free Instagram analytics tools out there for you to explore and adore.

For me, analyzing my posts helped me tons to increase my engagement rates over time, and I highly recommend you do the same so you can see how you can optimize better. Here are my favorite free Instagram analytics tools.


Unionmetrics provides an awesome free Instagram account checkup which includes four main insights about your account:

  • Engagement: Shows you when is the best time for you to post photos or videos based on previous results in order to get the biggest response from your followers or potential followers.
  • Biggest fans: Lets you know who are your biggest fans based on the amount of engagement. This is useful because it allows you to create a more personal relationship with these fans by interacting with them.
  • Better content: Analyzes the performance of posts, giving you the ability to adapt your future posts to what resonates with your followers.
  • Reach new audiences: Shows you which hashtags perform best, allowing you to get in front of new audiences.

instagram analytics

If you’re in digital marketing, offer social media planning and strategy or manage multiple online accounts, you may benefit from Unionmetric’s premium services, which are not just for Instagram, but for Facebook and Twitter as well. Here, you’ll find more detailed insights such as information on competitors, real-time monitoring, and reach and engagement reporting. Take a look at their subscription plans here starting at $99 per month. 


This free Instagram analytics tool is fairly simple but it does give you some great insights:

  • Most liked posts
  • Most commented posts
  • Most popular filters
  • Top hashtags
  • People you’ve tagged most frequently

Setting up your Socialbakers account is super easy, and you can start even if you didn’t post anything yet. The UI needs a bit of work so it might take you a bit longer to get used to the dashboard interface. Zooming in and out and scrolling through the report can be a bit tricky in the beginning but we can’t complain considering this tool gives you free Instagram insights which could help you optimize your profile.

instagram analytics

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My personal favorite Instagram analytics tool is Simply Measured, which mainly provides user analyses – it allows users to analyze accounts with up to 25.000 followers. For brands that sell products and are interested in sales, you may benefit from conversion tracking which will take all your social metrics and give you a measurement of your ROI. You need to finish quite a few steps to verify and create your account, but it is completely worth it.

Simply Measured gives you data through three different tabs: Charts, Scorecard, and Appendix, as you can see in the screenshot below.

The charts tab covers data about the most engaging posts and average engagement per post. Through the engagement chart, you can see total engagement, engagement as a percentage of followers, and information on likes and comments received on your posted content.

instagram analytics

When you scroll down you can view the engagement per individual post.

Also on the engagement chart, Simply Measured shows you data on keywords frequently used in comments, best-performing filters, and the geo-locations of your best performing posts.

On the scorecard tab, Simply Measured gives you some data on your account and activity and how it performs against the standard and top performing accounts.

Finally, the Appendix tab shows you data about your top posts sorted by highest engagement.


With Squarelovin, you get data on your Instagram performance. Even though this tool only provides you with the basics, it is definitely one to check out due to its ease of use and simplicity. Whereas Simplymeasured makes you jump through a few hoops to get your stats, with Squarelovin, you are able to set up your account and start analyzing your results in 30 seconds. Personally, I love the clean look of this tool.

Squarelovin has a dashboard that shows you high-level stats of your account and content such as percentage gains or losses between the previous and current month. The dashboard also allows you to track likes and followers, post performance, and interactions with followers.

The last option in the dashboard focuses on optimization: information about the best time to post content, telling you when you receive the most interaction and data about the best filters and hashtags. This allows you to optimize future posts.

INK 361

Last but not least on our list of Instagram analytics tools is Ink 361. The app provides basic analytics such as most liked posts and when your content gets the most engagement in colorful graphs, which isn’t unique considering the above-mentioned tools pretty much all do that as well. But to use it to its full potential, there are other features you should check out and explore.

  • Instagram Management – see your feed, or any other user’s feed, on one big screen and also be able to click on a photo to like it, comment, reply to comments, and follow users right from your browser. When you click the photo to enlarge it, any hashtags will appear as clickable links. When you click on a hashtag to bring up those posts, you’ll be able to interact with those posts as well.

  • Circles – There’s a useful tab up top that says “Circles” which allows you to clump groups of accounts together so you can see their posts side by side on one feed in the same manner as the grid above. As a personal Instagram user, this allows you to quickly and easily see and interact with the posts of the accounts that matter to you most without having to go to individual profiles. As a business user or social media manager, it allows you to monitor different groups of accounts together and to manage them efficiently or optimize your own strategy. Below is a great example of the types of circles you can create to be able to easily monitor your competitors, client accounts, and others.

  • Monitor Competition – All of the above-mentioned features are available to users for free except this one, which doesn’t appear to be available yet because, at the time of this post, INK 361 hasn’t set their premium price plans yet. But from the looks of the chart provided by the company below, it seems like it’s going to be a handy graph for individuals and brands who are looking for a clear picture of how their numbers and engagement stack up against multiple competitors.

The best free Instagram analytics tool for me is the one from INK361, with squarelovin as a close second. Please let me know in the comments what you think about these tools and if you use any of them. Also,  are there other Instagram analytics tools out there that you’ve tried that are worthy of this list? Let me know and I’ll be happy to check them out and add them.

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  1. Thank you so much for this list. I had no idea there were tools out like this for Instagram! Very cool and free is even better.

  2. It would be smart to track your analytics. I haven’t, but I wouldn’t be adverse to it. I can see how it would be very helpful.

  3. Wow. This list is helpful. I have my Instagram account but have not really taken the time to check the IG analytics. I’ll be sure to pick one from the list. Great that it’s free. 🙂

  4. Wow, I wasn’t aware of those tools. Do you think it’s worth it to try them when your account is still really small? Or should I wait a little till and build a following first so there is something to analyze?

    • Definitely, the more followers you have, the more data there is to analyze. But also a lot of times, engagement on posts don’t come from the people who are following you. So some of these tools could still come in handy for example: in showing you what your most popular posts are, what times and days you get the most engagement, and more!

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