11 Ways To Improve Your Blogging

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Last updated on March 7th, 2018 at 01:04 pm

improve your blog

You probably know how important your blog is when it comes to marketing your business, right? A blog is the one collection of content you can share with the world to convince them that you (and your business) know what they’re talking about and can help solve problems. That’s why it should be on point.

So here are 11 actions that you can take NOW to improve your blog and help bring in new customers.

1. Include the blog as a section of your website and not as a standalone blog elsewhere.  This is important for driving traffic to your website.

2. Blog regularly and share interesting content that your ideal customer will want to read.  Regularly means at least once a week. This is also important for SEO as Google,  in their rankings, considers how often a website gets updated.

3. Apply to guest post on blogs that your ideal customer would read.  And then share the links on your own blog!

4. Re-purpose your content by taking content from your ebook and publishing it as a blog. Take content from your blog and make it into images.

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5. Encourage people to guest blog on your site – as long as the subject is relevant and of interest to your readers.

6. Leave well thought out and genuine comments on other blogs that your customers would read and don’t forget to sign your name and website URL in your comment.

7. Vary your blog content. You can do this by creating posts in different formats: interviews, lists, roundups, and others. You can also do this by posting graphics, infographics, and videos. Make it interesting!

8. Share your blog posts on all social media channels. All the time!

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9. When you write roundup posts on your blog, link to other bloggers and websites that you’ve mentioned. This is a great way to get comments, social shares, and links back to your blog.

10. Research what the most asked questions in your industry are. One way to do this is by asking questions in Facebook groups and then using the answers you get as the topics for future blog posts.

11. Set up a survey in Survey Monkey and ask people to complete it – use the results in a blog post and/or if statistics are involved, create a fun infographic.

These 11 points we selected to improve your blogging are important and powerful improvements, yet we hope they’re simple and straightforward enough for you to start implementing immediately. Happy blogging!


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