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how to use pinterest for business

Are you still struggling with learning Pinterest? In a recent post, we showed you exactly how to use Pinterest for business. Check out our post “12 Effective Strategies for Using Pinterest” here.

If you’re using Pinterest for your blog or online business, you’ll know they’ve come a long way from being a site that people use to search for recipes and inspiration to being the #1 referral traffic for a lot of people.

And if you are using Pinterest consistently, you may have noticed some subtle changes on the platform recently. We’ll let you know exactly what’s been updated and how to use Pinterest for business objectives so you can tweak your strategy.

Pinterest Views Are Now Public

Previously, this metric was only available for you to see, on your own account. But now you can visit anyone’s Pinterest profile and see how many monthly views they’re getting. This will come in handy if you’re using Pinterest to search for influencers or do brand collaborations to promote your pins, products, or services. It’s also interesting to see who is actually doing well on Pinterest.

how to use pinterest for business

Banner-like Cover Photo

The content you’ve pinned and repinned are now displayed in a cool, diagonal angle across the top of your profile like a cover photo of some sort. Note that if you post the same pin to group boards all at once, your entire cover photo will be of that same pin and might give your competitors insight to your strategy 😉

Pro tip: Pin to group boards all at once without them going out at the same time by using Tailwind. This will avoid your cover photo from having the same pin across.

how to use pinterest for business

New Activity Tab

The activity tab houses all the pins that people saved from your website and linked accounts. Use this tab to your advantage by analyzing the types of pins people are saving so you can recreate them and attract more engagement. Was it an awesome design? Maybe it was the catchy headline? If you don’t want this tab to show to the public, there’s a button that allows you to remove it.

Hashtags On Pinterest

Hashtags were a feature only for Twitter and then Instagram. Then Facebook hopped on the bandwagon. And now Pinterest. Yes, now you can use hashtags on Pinterest and the concept behind it is the same – to bring your pins more exposure. You’ll notice pins on your feed now using hashtags and that they’re clickable. When you click a hashtag, it will bring up a feed with all the pins that use that hashtag.

how to use pinterest for business

Priority on Fresh Content

Pinterest, like any good site that relies on user generated content, likes fresh and new content. They’ve done a few things to emphasize this including prioritizing your first five pins of the day. Since pins have a much longer shelf life than other social media networks, you might have a bunch of old pins laying around that are still gaining good traction and click-throughs. But with this new algorithm, you’ll want to start focusing on coming out with new pins frequently and focus on creating multiple and updated versions of your older pins to keep things looking fresh.

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