How To Link a Google Analytics Property to an Adwords Account

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Last updated on November 28th, 2017 at 12:37 pm

In our last article, we talked about how to track paid campaign URLs within your Google Analytics account. If you missed it, you can find it over HERE. Now, in order to track your AdWords Campaigns, it is important that you link your Google Analytics property with your Google AdWords account.

Why is it important to link these two Google services? When you link Google Analytics and Google AdWords, you can:

  • Use your Google Analytics data to augment the possibilities of your AdWords account.
  • Be able to use enhanced retargeting capabilities
  • Import valuable Analytics metrics into your Adwords Account, such as: bounce rate, avg. session duration, pages per session, and more
  • Import your Google Analytics goals and e-commerce transactions into your AdWords account.

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Lucky for us, Google makes it really easy to link your Adwords account to your multiple Analytics views. If you work in marketing and have multiple Analytics properties that you want to link to your AdWords accounts, you just have to link each property separately with the linking option provided by Google.

When you are inside Google Analytics, go to Admin (bottom left) > Choose a property under “Property” > click AdWords Linking.

google analytics account

As soon as you have clicked on AdWords Linking you will see the following:

google analytics account

If you are logged into Analytics with an e-mail address that is not associated with any AdWords accounts, you will see the following message:

google analytics account

So make sure that your AdWords account is linked to the same e-mail address as your Analytics Property.

After you’ve clicked “ + New Link Group”, you will see something like this:

google analytics account

Here you can select the AdWords account that you want to link to your Analytics Property. hit Continue after you’ve selected the desired account.

google analytics account

Now, enter a link group title to easily find the property you have linked to your AdWords Accounts. Select the linked view(s).

That’s it from the Analytics side! Quick and easy. Now you only have to go to AdWords to complete the linking process.

Go to AdWords, click on the Admin tab, and go to “Account settings”.

google analytics account

Now, expand the “Linked Accounts” option and select Google Analytics.

google analytics account

If all went according to plan, you should have views available to select. Expand the view and select the domain you want to set up. An “add” button will come up, which you will have to click – afterwards, your work is safe.

google analytics account

And that’s it! You have successfully linked your Google Analytics and Google AdWords Account.

Seeing Google Analytics Account Data in Google Adwords

Now that you have linked your accounts, you can explore one of the best features of linking accounts. You are now able to more easily see enriched data in AdWords.

google analytics account

To see your Google Analytics data in AdWords, open AdWords and go to your campaign.

Click “Columns”, and go to “Modify Column”. Choose Google Analytics, and add the metric of your interest. You can now compare, for example, the amount of impressions of your campaign along with the bounce rate.

Importing Goals From Google Analytics to Google Adwords

You can track two types of conversions in AdWords: the goals that you have set up in Google Analytics, and the built-in conversions in AdWords. Since you linked your accounts, you can now import your Analytics goals into AdWords. In order to import these goals, click on “Tools” and go to “Conversions” as shown in the picture below.

google analytics account

If you have not already imported your goals there, you will now be able to do so by utilizing the “Import from Google Analytics” button. Your button may look slightly different since I have already imported all my goals.

google analytics account

After you have imported your goals, you can easily keep track of both the built in AdWords conversions, as well as your Google Analytics goals in one spot. This will allow you to make better informed, smarter decisions – giving you the ability to increase your conversions and thus your profits.

Did you already know how to link your Google Analytics property with your AdWords account? If not, I hope this article has helped you and you’ll share it! Leave a comment below if you have any questions.


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