53 Ways To Promote Your Business Online

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free ways to promote your business online

Have you been marketing your business the same 3, 4, 5 ways online for weeks or months now? You share a new post on your Facebook page… Cross-share it to Twitter with a couple of hashtags. Sometimes we get stuck in our routine and we forget about all the creative ways we can let people know about our awesome products and services.

So I’m just gonna get right into it. Here are 53 free ways you can promote your business online and drive traffic back to your website and ultimately get more customers…..

  1. Create an interesting blog
  2. Blog regularly and share interesting content that your ideal customer will want to read.
  3. Email your list at least once a week with a link to your website.
  4. Create special offers for the people on your mailing list that are not available to the public.
  5. Build a website that reflects you and your business.
  6. Create a Facebook business page and provide value posts until it grows with fans.
  7. Find internet forums and groups that are frequented by your ideal customer and post there regularly. (Don’t forget to include a link to your website in the signature block below each post)
  8. Build your LinkedIn profile and keep it up to date.
  9. Create a LinkedIn group and chat regularly with members.
  10. Create a LinkedIn corporate page for your business and post on it regularly.
  11. Apply to guest post on blogs that your ideal customer would read
  12. Use Google Adwords.
  13. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile use and test the site speed regularly.
  14. Create an email signature that promotes your business and use it on every email.
  15. Ask to be a speaker at any local or online event that your customers would attend
  16. Join a real-life networking group and get to know other members.
  17. Find or create your own networking event on forums like meetup.com
  18. Tell people you meet in your daily life about your business
  19. Create a YouTube page.
  20. Post instructional videos that are useful and helpful to your ideal client
  21. Post your videos on Facebook / Twitter and other social media
  22. Do a Facebook Live on a topic that your ideal client would find interesting
  23. Publish a video once a month that answers regular questions that your customers have asked you.
  24. Re-purpose your content, take content from your ebook and publish it as a blog.
  25. Use email auto-responders to send out a series of email courses to your newsletter subscribers.
  26. Encourage people to guest blog on your site.
  27. Comment on other blogs that your customers would read. Blog regularly on your own blog.
  28. Vary your blog content, include text, images, infographics, and videos.
  29. Create an amazing free lead magnet that your customers will benefit from.
  30. Promote your newsletter signup or free lead magnet everywhere.
  31. Create amazing and catchy subject lines for your emails. Save them on a Word doc to use later.
  32. Give great value in your emails.
  33. Reach out to people by individual email if you think you can help them.
  34. Create a strong call-to-action in each email
  35. Make your emails positive and personal.
  36. Share your blog post on all social media channels.
  37. Reply to all interactions you get on social media with genuine responses
  38. Post motivational quotes that your readers will relate to
  39. Use Facebook ads to grow your mailing list or get more sales
  40. Post in places such as reddit and quora and other sites that aren’t totally mainstream.
  41. Be consistent with when you post.
  42. Have a site map on your website, google loves a sitemap.
  43. Answer questions related to your business or niche on Yahoo and ask.com
  44. Teach workshops and online webinars related to your niche.
  45. Send out press releases about your new products.
  46. Change your lead magnet once a month.
  47. Write roundup posts on your blog and link to other bloggers.
  48. Ask questions in Facebook groups and then use the answers you get to write a blog post
  49. Set up a survey in survey monkey and ask people to complete it.
  50. Run free competitions where people can win something from you.
  51. Have a marketing plan and stick to it, make it simple.
  52. Have a presence on every social media platform, but automate the ones that you don’t want to be active on.
  53. Show up every day and take action.

Online Tools to Help You Execute:

For email marketing: ConvertKit, OptinMonster

For social media scheduling: Tailwind (Pinterest and Instagram), HootSuite, CoSchedule, Buffer

Website Hosting: Siteground, WP Engine

Online Course Creation: Thinkific


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  1. This is a well curated list of just what one needs to get up and going online. Frankly, your last tip is probably the most important one…. You gotta show up and take action. 🙂

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