How to get real and engaged Instagram followers

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Last updated on September 14th, 2017 at 10:45 pm

Two weeks ago we introduced you to the top 5 ways to rock your Instagram account, but this week we want to go a bit deeper. How do you grow Instagram followers? How do you get REAL followers? And how do your keep your Instagram followers get engaged? We will answer these questions right here, right now, by giving you 4 tips to boost your Instagram audience naturally.

1. Use Stories to Grow Instagram Followers

Stories are a fun, versatile, and playful way to communicate with your audience. When you head over to the Explore page of the Instagram app, you will notice a row of stories. Instagram picked these stories for you based on the people you follow and the likes you have given.

Instagram Stories were great when they first came out with it – but Instagram notched up their game to compete big time with Snapchat. In May, Instagram made it possible for you to see stories that take place near your physical location – New York City, for example. This gave brands the opportunity to market products on a whole new level, by showing products or services to those near their store.

grow instagram followers

The same applies to hashtags: whenever you search a hashtag, such as #breakfast or #ootd (outfit of the day), you will get to see stories using these tags. This means that if you have a cute breakfast shop in Brooklyn, New York, you can start marketing your delicious looking breakfasts through Instagram Stories! 

grow instagram followers

2. Grow Instagram Followers by Sharing Engaging Videos

52% of professional marketers all over the world believe that video is the best-ranked type of content when it comes to ROI. (source). Video is a powerful tool to build trust with your current audience and reach new audiences.

Instagram uses the same algorithm as Facebook: the algorithm gives priority to those posts that quickly after publishing generate higher conversion. It’s considered best practice to include video in your Instagram strategy since video content generally receives a higher amount of engagement in comparison to other forms of content.

3. Run an Instagram Contest to Boost the Amount of Followers you have

Did you know that you can grow your followers 70% faster by holding contests? (source). Running an Instagram contest is a super fun and easy way to promote your business through your Instagram account.

The best performing contests are those that have a partnership with a business or influencer (source). Try to find a partner and execute a 3 to 5 day giveaway where your followers or potential followers can engage with your posts to win prizes. You could make your target group engage by letting them tag friends under the post, following your and your partners’ account, and leaving a comment.

An amazing example of a brand that is rocking giveaways is @beckiowens. Using beautiful pictures, clear rules to organize the contest, and partnering with businesses, you can see how well she gets her audience to engage during her latest giveaway. 

4. Get strategic with your Instagram comments.

Yes, you all know already that you can grow an audience by commenting on other people’s posts. The problem is: most of us do it completely wrong. Most people who read this probably waste a lot of time liking all the pictures they see in Explore, and comment things such as “nice” “great photo” and “great post” on posts you see. You may also follow a lot of people to get followers back. Unfortunately these methods are time-consuming and don’t get you very far.

I advise you to identify 10 to 20 accounts you really like or that matches your description of your ideal client and to leave well thought out comments. Write something genuine from your heart, write how you really feel about that post or picture. The key factor here is to make sure to comment on the post a couple of days after it has been posted. This way you will end up as one of the last commenters and people will be able to see and read your comment. They will most likely also read what you wrote, get curious and visit your account. If you followed the tips in our recent post about rocking your Instagram account, they might even follow you!

We hope we gave you some new insight on how to grow Instagram followers for free, without the use of ads.

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Using the methods taught in this course, you will have the knowledge and potential to grow your account to

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  1. I had no idea that tagging your instagram story could have it searched the same way as a tag on a picture. Great tips for instagram follower generation!

  2. Great Tips ! I use to post stories without hashtags.. thanks for letting me know that they have such huge impact.. but I fail to understand that how to get permanent followers.. coz everyday if I get 10-15 followers , after 2-3 days i’m again on the same no. Do you have any clue .. How to retain your followers ?

  3. Mercy (Zen Maud) on

    Aww, too bad I’m no longer on instagram (for personal reasons). You have social media strategy down to a T! So happy to read your tips. You just reminded me that captivating stories, contests, strategic engagement and commenting, and interesting video drive traffic on most active social media platforms and by extension to websites and blogs. Many thanks for sharing this.

  4. Great tips for Instagram. I’ve started to incorporate stories into my strategy and I need to find a good app to re-post videos easily. Leaving good comments on targeted accounts is also a great idea. There’s a few accounts I’m keeping an eye on right now.

  5. Instagram is a pain in the @ss!! It’s true that stories work, but what works best is the special services from hitcontinue’s mama, Sarah!! The best virtual assistant ever 🙂

  6. Thank you for these tips, I have been reading a lot lately about Instagram marketing from a Filipino internet marketing guru. I think it’s time I take a better look at it to increase my audience.

  7. Ok this I call useful, everything you read shall lead to one thing you learned new. I will go and find more about nstagram Contest, let’s see where it goes

  8. Great article. I have trouble keeping on top of instagram around my full time job and often forget about it, realising by friday that I haven’t posted yet this week…. I need to get myself into an instagram routine and use your tips

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