Why do you need my login information
Your credentials are required to establish a connection with Instagram and perform actions on your behalf, such as following, liking, and/or posting. Sensitive information will always be kept private.
Am I buying followers?
No, we do not sell followers. We grow your followers by targeting real people through hashtags, usernames and other methods and expose your account to them by engaging with them. Beware of services that sell a set number of followers for a flat fee as these are usually empty, shell accounts that will never engage with your content. 
Will I see an increase in engagement?
Yes. The actions we perform on your behalf will bring in continuously higher engagement. However, since engagement is reliant on Instagram’s changing algorithms, any ongoing technical issues with the Instagram mobile app, and the quality of your own content and captions, it is not something within our control and that we can guarantee. Nonetheless, we have a network of pods that we utilize to drive higher engagement to your posts. For this additional engagement boost, please see our Instagram Quick Growth + Engagement package.
Can I still use my Instagram account?
Yes! You can continue doing what you normally do on Instagram while we work in the background.
Do I need to verify my account?
Yes. The first time we log in, Instagram’s security feature will kick in and they will notify you that someone is attempting to sign in to your account. This is standard procedure.
How soon will I begin seeing activity?
Because of time differences, please allow up to 12 hours to process your order and up to 48 hours before you begin seeing increased activity on your account.
Will you be unfollowing accounts I've personally followed?
Yes. Instagram caps us at 7500 accounts that we can follow so we will eventually have to unfollow accounts. If you want to continue following specific people, please send us a list of usernames as soon as possible so we can add them to our whitelist.
Will my account get banned?
We stay within the limits that Instagram sets for daily activity while taking measures to ensure we participate in non-spammy, genuine engagement. We have never had an account under our care get banned in our experience with managing clients’ Instagram accounts.
I'm interested in your services but don't see a package that fits my needs.
That’s not a problem! Send us an email to office@hitcontinue.eu with what you need help with and we’ll create a customized package that meets your requirements.
Do you give refunds?
We hope you’ll be happy with our service but because of the extensive effort we put into onboarding your account and researching your target demographic, we do not offer any refunds on any of our social media management services.


  • Instagram or Pinterest login information
  • Any relevant hashtags or competitor accounts you know of for targeting
  • A whitelist of accounts that you don’t want to unfollow (if applicable)