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facebook groups for business 2018

Facebook groups are popping up like crops of salad. They are gaining in popularity as more and more people start to realize that these groups are where the conversations on Facebook are happening and thus, a great way to build a loyal following which you can then convert into loyal customers.

What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook groups are groups that bring people with common interests together. These groups can be centered around everything: from sports, to traveling, to marketing techniques. At first, it may seem that creating your own Facebook Group is the only way to get value from them, but joining them can bring you opportunities for growth as well. Some groups allow you to promote yourself, your products and services and to even find jobs.

All you have to do is type keywords related to a topic of your interest in the Facebook search bar, and select the “groups” tab. You’ll quickly find that there are a ton of groups out there filled with people that have similar interests to yours!

How can I use a Facebook group for my business?

Before giving you an answer to this question, I want to tell you about my favorite book by Gary Vaynerchuk: Jab Jab Right Hook. In his book, Gary mentions that you must give lots of value for people to be willing to give something back.

Facebook groups work exactly in that way. In an active group, you’ll find lots of people asking questions about a topic that you are interested and well versed in. You can easily give these people value by helping them out and offering solutions to their “problems”. Once you are known in a Facebook group as someone that brings value and invests their time and effort to help others out for FREE, you can carefully ask for something in return. Ask them to join your scheduled Facebook Live, sign up for your online marketing course, or whatever it is that will bring you value.

I have seen many people, including myself, grow their businesses using this strategy, and can highly recommend it to others who have the skills to navigate the online world. Do you have lots of followers on Instagram? Share your case studies, tell people how you’ve grown, include them in your journey, and support them along the way. You will eat the fruits of your labor, believe me.

Ok, cool. So how can I create my own Facebook Group to grow my business?

While participating in others’ Facebook groups can help you grow, another way of exploiting this lucrative and free Facebook feature is by creating your own group. Creating the actual group is relatively easy so I won’t walk you through all the steps, but creating a group in which people want to join, share, comment, engage, and participate is another story.

How to get people to join your Facebook Group

This may be one of the most difficult parts of starting a Facebook Group, but there are some smart tactics you can implement to quickly get a high following in your newly launched Facebook Group.

The other day I received an e-mail from someone that is highly experienced in digital marketing, letting me know that he wanted to share some of his top tricks in an online webinar. Being in the industry, I wanted to learn more and sign up. And what did he do? He created a closed Facebook group and told everyone through this email to join his Facebook group in order for us to participate in the webinar: genius. He went from 0 to 350 active members in a matter of days by solely applying the Gary Vaynerchuk rule that I described before: give value, get value.

One takeaway from the above example is that it could prove valuable to have a solid e-mail list, not only prior to creating your group but also to keep those who joined your group up to date by sharing vital content with them through email.

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Another tip is to create a “Closed” Facebook group. People who post on Facebook like their privacy, and surely, if your group is providing value with active and engaged participants, you would want people inside the room with everyone else and not just peeking in from the outside. I see it over and over again: closed groups have higher engagement rates than groups that are open to the public.

Take some time to define a long-term content strategy before launching your Facebook group. This helps you stay on track with putting out value consistently and keeps you in-line with your objectives. Keeping your objectives in mind will eventually help you to monetize your group.

Are you part of Facebook groups, or do you manage one? I would love to hear your experience in the comments below!


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