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facebook ads for beginners

The shopping season has officially begun and you should have a rock solid Facebook Ad Marketing Strategy. If you don’t feel too confident about using Facebook Ads, this is the article you are looking for. Read on for the best tips for Facebook Ads for beginners.

Simple Facebook Ads for Beginners

A lot of my clients come to me for advice about the landing pages they use for their Facebook ads, and the first thing I usually have to tell them is to simplify their pages. Lots of their landing pages are over the top, containing too much animation, information, or have a confusing navigation system. These are my tips to simplify landing pages as well as your ad.

  • Have ONE call to action: A call to action needs to make a clear statement to your customers that they have to do something. This can be to like your Facebook page, go to your website, or leave their email in exchange for something. While the concept is implemented for people to take action, it should at the same time be simple and clear-cut. Make sure that it is easy to read your message and that it stands out in your ad. There shouldn’t be a double message competing for the user’s attention.
  • Optimize page elements: Many of my clients struggle with minimizing page elements: they try to draw attention to literally everything on their page or ad. Try and avoid this. Avoid fancy backgrounds (opt for a solid color background instead) and make sure that hyperlinks look different than normal text. Try to reduce distractions on your site or ad.

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  • Clearly structure your text: One of my clients tends to write ads that are paragraphs long and without providing any clear call to action, message, or information. It is okay to have long texts or lots of information, but try and make it easier for your customers to digest your content. Do this by utilizing bullet points and keeping your sentences short and to the point.

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A/B Testing With Facebook Ads

Once you’ve simplified your ad and landing page, it is time to create ads and see what works. The best way to do this is by performing A/B tests. If you’re unfamiliar with A/B testing, it simply means to create two versions of your ad, run both at the same time and monitor the results to see which one performs better. With A/B testing, you can also decide to create two identical ads and test them with two audiences with different demographics and see which one performs better. Facebook allows you to A/B test different parts of your content: you could test your title, copy, or even your images.

  • Use A/B testing on your images: I love testing my images. The reason for this is because images make up a big part of a Facebook Ad. By A/B testing your images, you can figure out which image is preferred by your audience, and run your Facebook Ad on the better performing image. Since the image is the first thing that attracts the attention of the customer, this type of test is highly recommended.
  • Use A/B testing on your title: Once you have A/B tested your image, you can perform a similar test on your title. As an example, look at the title of this ad for Empire Flippers. Instead of the title “Website Valuation Tool – Find Out How Much Your Website is Worth”, you could try and use “Free Quiz: Find Out The Value of Your Website!”. Run them both to see which one gets more clicks.

facebook ads for beginners

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  • Use A/B testing on your Copy: Another great way to get to know what your audience likes is by testing your Ad Copy. Personally, I love testing the length of my copy to make sure I’m being as concise and direct as possible.

Combining the information of all A/B tests can create the ultimate Facebook Ad: use the right image, the right title, and the right message. And as mentioned previously, you could test your ads to different audiences. The options are endless. To better measure your results, we recommend to only change one thing at a time before running another test.

Use Emojis and Quotes in Your Facebook Ad Copy

Using Emojis in your Ad Copy may help your ad stand out from the crowd and give it a more personal touch. Don’t be afraid to write like your audience does (and your audience definitely use emojis). Another great way of convincing customers to click on your ads is to use quotes or testimonials. Show your customers that there are already people out there that love your product or service, and that they can be one of those happy and satisfied customers.

To get a little more detailed on demographic targeting, it’s good to know that you can show specific testimonials to a specific gender. The ad for LoveBookOnline is aimed at women since the text reads: “Looking forward to seeing his face.” Show this ad to females instead of males and create an ad for males with a testimonial specifically written for them for the best results.

facebook ads for beginners 2

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Between A/B testing and all the targeting options available to you, Facebook Ads is a gold mine for reaching out to your audience. There are many more things to consider when optimizing your Facebook Ads, but this is it for today. What are your best tips when it comes to Facebook Ads?


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