Boost your SEO by creating a solid content marketing strategy

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Last updated on September 14th, 2017 at 10:40 pm

content marketing strategyIf you are trying to implement an SEO strategy for your website, and providing consistent value to your audience to attract new potential customers without paying for Ads, then planning and implementing a proper content marketing strategy for your business is key. Regular blog and social media content for your website helps boost your SEO so you’ll show up in search results when your target market searches for similar keywords.

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When done right, it also extends your reach with your target market, providing more touch points for your customers to find and interact with you. Nobody is going to see your awesome products and services unless you drive traffic to your website, and the best organic way to do that is with content marketing.

The first part of your content marketing strategy is to research which platforms your target market spends the most time on and the current recommendations on how often you should be posting on those platforms. There is no point in implementing a content marketing strategy in places your audience isn’t on. For example, if the services you offer are B2B, you may find that the majority of your audience is on LinkedIn. While, if you’re a food blogger, you might find that your recipes and articles gain more traction on Facebook and Pinterest. Avoid trying to have a strong presence on every platform. If you’re wearing multiple hats in your business, you’ll soon realize that consistently scheduling your content on all or even a couple of social media platforms is one of your major time sucks and one of the main causes of burn out. Focus on 1-2 places where your target market spend the most time and use a social media scheduler.

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You can always extend to more platforms as you grow, but if you don’t have the time or budget, then forwarding content to the 1-2 platforms you decide on is plenty.

In terms of what content to create for your content marketing strategy, you need to ask yourself what you would be comfortable and excited creating on a regular basis. The other part to consider is what format will you deliver your content in that your audience would prefer to engage with. For example, would your audience benefit most from a video tutorial of your chosen topic? Or will a blog post with some descriptive images be better for your audience to understand and digest? There are a ton of options for content creation that include podcasts, audio recordings, blogs, eBooks, video, mini blogs with images as social media posts, text based posts, live video, etc. Currently, we’re seeing that video content is getting the most engagement on social media and platform giant, Facebook, is encouraging users to create or share this type of content by tweaking its algorithm to show it to more people.

If you are stuck for ideas of topics for your content, one way to brainstorm is to check out places your target market spend time in like Facebook or Linkedin groups. Look for themes in their conversations to get ideas of hot topics you can create content around. Read the posts and comments in the threads and take note of the top questions your target market ask related to your products and services. Consider trending topics in the media. There are websites such as BuzzSumo which analyze what content out there is performing the best. Also check out your competition for more ideas which you can evolve and make even better by adding more value, ensuring that your content is better than anyone else’s in your niche.

Comment below your best tips and tools for creating a solid content marketing plan and look out for our next post on taking all of this and turning it into a solid editorial calendar.


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