Social Media Christmas Marketing Ideas

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Yep, that’s right: it’s that time again where we are finally allowed again to talk about Christmas and that can only mean one thing: Time to think about your Christmas marketing ideas and how to integrate it with your social media strategy.

With the evolution of social media and rise in competition, you need to constantly find new ways to reach skeptical and indecisive consumers and quickly peak their interest, especially during the end of year holidays. Why is this time of year important for businesses?

  • During Christmas, customers buy for their loved ones, not only for themselves. This automatically makes their shopping lists that much longer.
  • Some retailers earn as much as 20% of their annual revenue during the Christmas season.
  • Customers are in a hurry to cross everything off their lists. It is easier to influence people that are in a hurry.

Read on to learn about how to adapt some Christmas marketing ideas to your social media platforms.

  1. Decorate your Facebook cover photo

We wouldn’t advise you to change your cover photo every week, but during Christmas, you do really want to get your audience in the spirit of the season and since the Facebook cover photo is the first thing they see when visiting your page, it only makes sense to make it something festive or that relates to the holidays.

Try to imagine your cover photo as a billboard to the public and ask yourself what you want to promote this holiday season. There are no strict guidelines for changing your cover photo, but just make sure to stay in line with your brand by incorporating your logo, font, and if possible, using your brand colors. You can decide to promote special deals on your cover, special holiday products, or simply change the image to be in-tune with Christmas.

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  1. Create a very-merry Christmas offer

Christmas is a time of giving, and as a brand, your customers are going to expect you to be generous too! That should excite you because statistics show that sales can increase from 100 up to 300% by creating discounts between 25% and 30%. That’s right! If you don’t have a big profit margin and can’t afford to give discounts all year round, don’t fret. During Christmas, you can offer your discounts in all your running campaigns: from facebook, instagram, your direct email marketing and website campaigns. Let your customers know that this is the time to buy.

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  1. Create engaging posts on social media

Your customers are people who live their lives full of passion and excitement. A good reason to ask them to share stories about themselves. What are their best memories about Christmas dinner or the holidays (not including family drama, we’ve all been there!). Ask them about their wish-list, the best present they ever got, or about a memory they cherish from back in the past. Watch your engagement skyrocket and we all know how important engagement is these days for reach.

If you are a brand operating in the food industry, the Christmas holidays are your time to shine. You can engage your customers by asking them about their favorite Christmas foods, recipes, and create tons of interesting content in photo as well as video to engage with your audience. But no need to limit yourself to what you normally offer in your business. Your tips and tricks can go beyond just recipes and food. You can help you audience decorate their homes, help them find the perfect gift, and instruct how to perfectly wrap them. The options are endless. Get creative this holiday season!

  1. Kick off the season with a Christmas event!

I finally understood the importance of Christmas events after having lived in Asia and seeing many massive Christmas related events organized by big brands in malls.

If you want to create awareness about your events or have people come visit in droves, you’ll have to give more attention to details. With engaging copy and a festive design, spread information to your main channels such as Facebook, your email list, and your website. Like in Asia, try and hold these events in public where you’re sure people will notice your brand. But be sure to plan ahead. Events are complex and you don’t want to be known for the brand that forgot the Christmas music or decorations.

  1. Never forget to wish people Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.

Never. With that, I want to conclude. Plan well for your Christmas campaigns: get together with your team to make sure you’re not forgetting anything to make this Christmas’ revenue unforgettable for your company. Create a solid marketing plan and you are ready to go.

Let me know in the comments down below about your own Christmas marketing ideas that you’re implementing this year or in the past.


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  1. Great tips Sarah. I was wondering how to tackle that with my handmade stuff. \seems like lots of work ahead of me to push the Christmas sales but hope it will pay off

  2. Some great ideas Sarah. I’m starting to think about this now – already! Scary but yes once it gets cold Christmas is just around the corner.

  3. I never thought about incorporating Christmas into any type of marketing scheme, but with my website being on travel it seems as though this would be a bit more difficult to do. Thank you for the helpful tips and let’s see if I can incorporate any of it!

  4. Nice tips. From my time working in a digital marketing agency for shopping centre, I understand Christmas is huge and a great opportunity to run engaging campaigns. Christmas quizzes are always fun or digital advent calendars with a new offer every day in December. so many opportunities!

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