The Path of Entrepreneurship is a Lonely One

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Last updated on September 25th, 2018 at 02:56 pm

business owner loneliness

Business owner loneliness. Not too many people can relate but being an entrepreneur can be as lonely as being a single parent sometimes (ask me how I know!?)

When you work alone, you can easily get plagued with periods of self doubt, when you wonder why you bother or whether it will ever start to get easier.

We all go through it.

And the answer is to surround yourself with a team of people who know you, who get where you are, who want to help you and who will provide you with whatever you need when you find it all too much.

I don’t mean surround yourself with people who think you are brilliant and tell you that everything you do is perfect (although I love those people!)

You need accountability. You need people who can be objective. You need someone who is strong enough to question you, but do it with love.

You most likely don’t need your mother, husband, sister or best friend to be one of these people. These people who love you the most are too close to be objective. And unless they are also an entrepreneur they are going to be the wrong kind of people to support you. They will have your best interests at heart but are more likely to hold you back than to help you succeed.

What you need is to build your own support team.

An informal mastermind group is a great way to do this.  Find 4 other people who are at a similar stage in their business to you and come up with a mastermind agreement about how you can support each other. Here are a few ideas that have worked well for me in the past:

Co-work.  If you are close enough to share a desk once a week or once a month then do it. This is priceless.  Having someone else working with you in person gives you a much needed confidence boost and someone who you can talk things through with. I co-work once a week with a good friend of mine and life coach. It’s a brilliant arrangement for both of us. We are about a 30 minute drive apart and take it in turns to go to each others houses.

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Weekly Zoom call. Commit to getting on the phone / Skype / Zoom together once a week for an hour. Take it in turns to go through what you’re working on, struggling with and what you need. Record the calls and share them within the group.

Daily Text / WhatsApp / Facebook messages.  Set up a group and chat whenever you need to.

Share weekly goals. Ask for help.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with the right people. Reach out and find others to connect with, they will help you and you will help them.

You really can’t do this on your own, trust me I’ve tried! If you’re looking for supportive and like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs- I’d love for you to join our community on Facebook HERE. See you inside!


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