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best ways to increase web trafficLast week I shared with you the proper tools so you can effortlessly create a landing page. This week, let’s discuss a theme of equivalent importance: the best ways to increase web traffic to your landing page.

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Marketing Channels That Drive Traffic

Lead Pages conducted a survey to figure out what channels have driven the most traffic to landing pages. You can see the chart below. Despite the grey area where 25.9% said they weren’t sure which channel has driven the most traffic to their landing pages, the other answers were fairly satisfying. Social Media and Email Marketing, the next two highest channels, can often be executed for free, meaning that you don’t have to pay for this kind of traffic. Personally, I have had amazing results with Organic Search traffic, but the marketing channel that works best for you totally depends on your business itself.

best ways to increase web traffic

Using Social Media to Boost Traffic To Your Landing Page

Unpaid social media marketing may seem like the easiest option because it’s free, we’re always on it, and we know how to use it (or we think we do). But it definitely is not easy. It’s time-consuming. You’ll have to be patient, have a solid content strategy, and post according to a strict schedule. You’ll have to do hashtag research, share engaging content, and target the right audience. Bear in mind that you’ll have to build this kind of traffic step by step, post by post, so patience is key.

If you want to drive traffic by ROCKING your Instagram account, I highly recommend you read this article: Instagram Tips for Brands. In addition to Instagram, I am a big fan of Facebook groups. The clients I’ve acquired from Facebook groups have shown me over and over again how valuable an engaging community can be. Read here about Facebook Groups and what it can do for your business.

Email Marketing is One of The Easiest Ways to Increase Web Traffic

I love email marketing. It has one of the highest rates of engagement, and I have seen great results with it personally. I highly recommend using a tool such as ConvertKit, which will automate your email marketing strategy making it super easy to implement and send out your marketing material.

Marketing Automation is very easy with Convertkit. Let’s say you’ve built a landing page, and you’ve created a beautiful newsletter to direct people to this page where you hope that they’ll buy one of your products. Marketing Automation helps you identify and re-target people that have clicked through your email to visit your website, without you having to do a thing. It allows you to, for example, re-contact those customers that have put something into their shopping cart on your website but abandoned the cart. Convertkit will automatically send them an e-mail (a template that you had already set up for such a scenario) after X amount of days.  And statistics show that it will increase your conversion rates. ConvertKit helped some of my clients get 30% more revenues.

PPC Advertising is One of the Best Ways to Increase Web Traffic

Every one of us wants to spend the least amount of money possible on our marketing game, but sometimes the only way to increase traffic and revenue is to invest. I highly suggest investing in PPC advertising, whether this be Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Twitter Advertising or YouTube Advertising. Why? The results show that it one of the best, fastest, and easiest ways to increase web traffic to your landing page. There are plenty of PPC Advertising options, but you’ll have to pick the one that works best for you. If it’s your first time delving into PPC advertising, read here on how to create a Google AdWords text ad and get a $75 Adwords Coupon.

Search Engine Optimization for Landing Pages

Search Engine Optimization may seem difficult and technical at times, but even non-techies can make it work. The foundation of your website is built on SEO, which makes SEO a crucial aspect. Your most important pages such as your homepage or your landing page must be SEO optimized to be able to rank in Google. But that’s only the first step. Things like backlinks, page authority, keyword usage, long-tail keywords, content length and depth, as well as readability all play a part in SEO.

A few months ago, I acquired a desperate client who hasn’t had a sale in quite a long time. I optimized her website and built a solid SEO foundation, and slowly but steadily my client is starting to receive orders again. I tell you this to try and convince you about the importance of SEO. All landing pages should be SEO optimized if you ever want to be found organically in the vast world of the Internet.

I hope that I’ve given you some information to digest, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up. Please let me know if any of my tips have been useful, and if you can suggest any other tips to your fellow marketing colleagues and entrepreneurs!


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