How To Use AdWords Extensions to Get More Sales

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Last updated on November 28th, 2017 at 12:36 pm

Last week we gave you a compact introduction to Google AdWords, Text Ads, and Ad Extensions. If you read that post, you now understand the power of Google AdWords as a whole. This week, we will give you all the necessary information to utilize Adwords Extensions to increase the return on investment on your advertisements.

What are Google Adwords Extensions?

Ad Extensions are extra snippets of information that you can add to your AdWords Text Ads, without having the visitor click anywhere. These snippets highlight important factors that are meant to drive sales, increase click throughs, and enhance the user’s experience so they do appear differently than normal text in your Ad.

This is an example of Google’s own ad, using many (but not all) ad extensions.

There are two types of Ad Extensions: Manual Ad Extensions, and Automatic Ad Extensions and both show different things. We’re going to go through each category shown in this table below and provide examples so you know exactly how each extension appears on an ad.

Pro tip: As explained last week: ad extensions don’t always show! Therefore you should make sure to put the most important information about your business in the text of your Ad.

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Manual Adwords Extensions – Apps

The app ad extension helps you promote your apps across various devices: Desktop, Tablets, and Smartphones. By adding the App Ad Extension to your Text Ad, you’ll see an increase in downloads and app usage. This Adwords extension is perfect for those wanting to market a new web or mobile application, get new users to download an app, or to re-engage with your currently active app users. You can see a sample of what that extension looks like below. Notice the large “Install” call-to-action.

Manual Adwords Extensions – Calls

Google has seen a significant increase in people calling businesses. Yes, people still use phones to call. When we’re on the go, it is just easier and faster to call someone to get a problem solved or a question answered. Call Ad Extensions are perfect to use with Mobile Ads so people can see the phone number advertised and call from the same device in literally one click of a button. In the example below, you can clearly see that the phone number plays an important role in this advertisement. No need to copy and paste it into your dialer!

Manual Adwords Extensions – Locations

Location ad extensions help customers near your business get to you by quickly providing them with address information and Google Maps directions. You’ll find that Google may show the distance to the location, the street address, a clickable “call” button, and a clickable button to show more details about the location such as opening hours and customer ratings. In order for this ad to be shown you need a verified address through Google My Business.

Manual Adwords Extensions – Reviews

Review Ad Extensions are perfect for those that have a third-party review from a credible source. Did you just publish a book and the New York Times wrote a generous review on it? This is your go-to ad extension! You choose what quote you want to put in as long as it’s linked to the source. See the example below of Skytrax World Airline Awards stating Air Canada to be a 4-Star Airline. Google estimates that these ad extensions can boost your click through rate by up to 10%.

Manual Adwords Extensions – Callouts

Call-out Adwords extensions serve to highlight the strengths of your brand, product, or service. The callouts used by the website Go Good Books are: Worldwide shipping, Brand New Books, Used Books, Support Oxfam Projects as these are the terms they feel describes their business best. You can show between two to six call out phrases. The cool part about it is that you can update your call outs when you’re having offers or promos without having to change the text of your ad or reset performance statistics.

Manual Adwords Extensions – Sitelinks

The four blue links in the example shown below are sitelink ad extensions and they are the most common. You can also show between two to six links with this category extension. They allow users to go directly to their page of interest. Another perk is that it allows you to take up more space, increasing your chance to be seen by users.

Automated Adwords Extensions – Consumer Ratings

Note that automated extensions don’t require any set up form your part. Consumer Ad Ratings are based on consumer surveys and help gain trust and traffic to your website. This ad extension appears to be the least popular among all in terms of appearance and click-throughs, probably because it only appears on desktop/laptop computers and not on mobile devices, but can still be beneficial if you are dependent on showcasing your company strengths and high website traffic.

Automated Adwords Extensions – Previous Visits

This ad extension shows up if you have visited a specific website before, and made a search which retrieved the website in question once more. This ad extension only shows if it increases the probability of a click – it thus completely depends on your ad and on the search made by the user.

Automated Adwords Extensions – Seller Ratings

Like shown in the example below, this Adwords extension shows the rating score in combination with the amount of stars. It’s the perfect extension to gain trust of new customers but it only shows when you have more than 150 reviews/feedback reference points, in combination with a rating of 3.5 stars or higher.

Automated Adwords Extensions – Dynamic Sitelinks Extensions

Dynamic Sitelink Extensions are similar to normal sitelink ad extensions. The only difference between the two is that with dynamic sitelink extensions, Google determines which sitelink to show depending on what the user searched for and if it will boost your ad’s performance. This is why you’re not charged when Google shows these sitelinks – however, you will get charged if the user clicks through to your website.

Automated Adwords Extensions – Dynamic Structured Snippets

Dynamic Structured Snippets Ad Extensions adapt the text in your ad to the search of the user in an attempt to boost the effectiveness of your ad and while providing information about the landing page of the link at the same time. You don’t have to change anything about your ad – after analyzing your site, Google will determine the most effective snippets to add based on relevancy and increasing click through rates.

We hope this post helped clear up all the different categories of manual and automated ad extensions. Have you used Adwords extensions previously in your ads? Did you see an increase in click throughs or ROI?

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